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The Center for Photography at Madison (CPM)

The Board of Directors of the Center for Photography at Madison, 2013 - 2014
The CPM Board of Directors, 2013-2014.
From the left, Bill Pielsticker; President; Rebecca Power, Exhibits Chair; Paul Nylander, President-Elect and Communication Director;  Chris Spencer, Secretary; Sean Lamb; Eloisa Callender; Michael Knapstein; and Amy Stocklein

CPM was founded in 1998 to provide a home for advancement of photography in Madison Wisconsin and surrounding areas. CPM is a volunteer organization that provides a rich mix of education programs, including formal classes and workshops, lectures (Photographer of the Month, Third Thursday), Members exhibitions and juried exhibitions, and a series of information regularly scheduled meeting of members and guests to discuss all aspects of photography.

Standing committees of the Center for Photography at Madison include Education (chair: Jim Thornbery); membership (co-chairs: Jim Barnard and Rob Petershack); Exhibts (director: Rebecca Power); and Communications (director: Paul Nylander). 

Located in the Paterson Street Studio, on the second floor at 303 S. Paterson Street, CPM hosts regular activities for members and non-members alike.  

Special Interest Groups

CPM hosts regular members-only meetings focusing on specific photographic interests from our membership. These Special Interest Groups meetings are held monthly at different nights and different weeks during the month so that members can attend as many groups as they wish. Human Interest, Landscape, Nature, Alternography, Travel and the CPM Women's interest groups are currently scheduled. All members are welcome, and prospective members are welcome to join us to check the group out. Just contact the person listed who coordinates the sessions and let them know you want to attend. 

Learn more about the Special Interest Groups here.

Instructional Classes In Photography

Classes are scheduled for Fall and Spring and usually meet on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 7-9. Professional and experienced instructors provide a series of classes to enable members and non-members to learn new photographic methods and styles in a friendly environment. Often students are given assignments and their images are presented to the class and discussed. The analysis usually proceeds along the lines of what works and what maybe didn’t work so well in the image, with the goal that all can learn from our mistakes and from the successes of everyone. In addition, in-the-field workshops are organized at sites away from the CPM studio. Group photography sessions on State Street, Outdoor and Nature Photography workshops, illustrate recent activities. See Current listings under Classes.

CPM holds regularly scheduled Lectures  each month.

The Photographer of the Month is presented the First Thursday of each month; The Third Thursday features lectures by experts in a wide-ranging series of topics. Information about each of these topics can be found in the following sections of this web site.

CPM organizes and hosts a Biennual PhotoMidWest, a series of lectures, workshops and exhibits in Madison presented by distinguished speakers from around the country. PhotoMidWest takes place in October of even years.

CPM sponsors other Exhibits throughout the year.

In the Spring, the Annual Members Exhibition is exhibited at UW-Madison Hospital. Other CPM sponsored exhibitions can be found under Exhibits. Individual members and member-groups organize exhibits of their photographic work at many places during the year. These exhibitions can be found by reading the Announcements.

CPM also maintains a working Dark Room. Information about each of these activities can be found in the following sections of this web site.

To Contact Us: 

The Center for Photography at Madison (CPM) is located at 303 S. Paterson St. (near Williamson St) in downtown Madison. All our activities take place in our studio in the evening or at special times during weekends. To contact us, please send an email to info@cpmad.org